Hi UTSAFC Members!

As you may be aware, Eakin McCaffery Cox Lawyers (“EMC”) has been a major sponsor of the Bats for over the last 10 years.  What EMC has noted most over this time is that the group, whether past or present, are a decent bunch of guys both on and off the field and EMC is proud to be associated with you.

OK, enough with the love fest, it’s now time to talk turkey.  EMC has not been particularly great in getting the best out of its sponsorship – it needs your help!  So this letter seeks to awaken the inner client in you or someone you know or work or play with.

As a simple reminder, EMC operates in all areas of law including corporate commercial law (like business/share sale agreements, shareholder agreements, franchising, IPO’s, IT contracts and IP (trademarks) and so on and so on.  EMC is very good in employment law, banking and finance, insolvency (trust not you personally), wills, superannuation and estates, property law of all sorts including leasing, conveyancing and property development plus planning and environment law.  We also have a robust litigation team which operates in all jurisdictions.

EMC does not do criminal or family law but it can put you in touch with lawyers in case you need such services (hopefully not).

For further info or if you are bored already please refer to EMC’s website www.eakin.com.au.
This will be the only direct email contact between EMC and you this year – I promise.

If you have need of an EMC lawyer (which can also be a nice experience – sometimes), PLEASE CONTACT, Michael Stafford on (02) 9265 3075, 0419 406 534 or stafford@eakin.com.au
Please don’t discriminate against him for his previous years with Western Suburbs back in the early 80’s.  He and EMC look's forward to hearing from you! 


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